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Chemical Peels

Our range of professional treatments range from facials to chemical exfoliants that help rejuvenate and refine the skin tone and texture. Formulated with the highest level of potency and innovative ingredients to help transform your skin. By integrating our professional treatments with good skin care products we can strengthen and aid the skin to function at its very best.

Chemical peels are a safe and highly effective treatment where a solution is applied and peeled off, taking off the top layer of skin leading to smoother and healthier new skin growth.

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What is it?

Chemical peels are commonly thought to be only for the face but a peel can actually be used on all areas of the body including legs, arms, neck, chest and hands. A course of professional chemical peels can encourage various benefits. Chemical peels are a wonderful alternative to laser facials, which can be costly and painful.

When is it a good time to get a chemical peel done?

A chemical peel can be done at any time. It is highly popular before special occasions such as weddings, parties and graduations. It is also very popular both before and after holidays to protect and repair from sun damage.

What might make you not such a good candidate for a chemical peel?

If you are taking certain medications, in particular a retinoids drug called isotretinion – it would it not be recommended.

Can chemical peeling help with acne?

It has been known that people with acne find that chemical peeling can help their skin to clear.

Can you have a chemical peel if you have sensitive skin?

Even those with sensitive skin can have certain peels. Enzyme exfoliants for example are an excellent option for those with very sensitive skin.

Are there any risks or side effects?

Risks and side effects are very rare but is specific to the patient so the practitioner will discuss any side effects or possible risks that may occur with you at the consultation.

What are Superficial peels or Lunch Time peels?

These are peels where you can go straight back to work without any downtime, these peels are a perfect introduction to these treatments.

What are Medium Depth peels?

These peels will mean you may have up to 4 – 7 days of light exfoliation as the skin is repairing itself from underneath.

What are Deep peels?

As these peels are deeper you may experience more redness and exfoliation for a longer period of time. These peels penetrate into the deeper levels of the epidermis so are normally more suitable for people with deeper lines or very photo damaged skin. This treatment can only be done by a doctor.

How often can I have a peel?

It can vary from every 2 weeks to every 4 months  depending on the depth of peel chosen.

Is having a chemical peel painful?

There will be a slight sensation as your skin is being targeted to help improve its appearance texture and tone, but there will be no pain.

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