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Blood Testing

Here at Park Court Medical we are able to provide numerous blood tests with on-site private blood testing. If there are any concerns regarding the tests Dr Gill may have, she will either refer you back your own GP or on to a specialist consultant.

Well Woman & Well Man Checks

This is to help pick up any early disease we can do a simple blood test to check for any blood, liver, kidney, bone, thyroid or nutritional deficiencies.

Fertility Testing

A simple blood test can help determine your fertility. After a full consultation with the doctor a blood test can help determine whether you may have any concerns regarding conception.

The doctor will take a history and make an assessment before any test are offered, this is just for peace of mind that everything is ok.

The blood test will pick up on conditions which may affect ovulation such as Premature Ovarian Failure, Pituitary and Hypothalamus disorders, Thyroid Dysfunction and Polycystic Ovarian syndrome just to name a few. If the blood test proves that you may have any of these, we will write to your doctor for further investigations.

Cancer Screening

With an ever increasing rise in the rates of cancer, we can help provide a blood test that may help relieve any fears you may have.

Although no screening test is 100% accurate, together with the consultation your doctor can determine if you are at risk. We offer the following types of cancer screening:

PSA looking for prostate cancer
Prostate Cancer is the most common in men with 1 in 8 being affected at some point in their lives.

Cervical Screening for Cervical Cancer

Cervical Screening can help save lives, Having a simple cervical screening test can give the peace of mind that if abnormal cells are detected that they can treated early and thus help prevent further progression to a more serious disease

CA125 looking for ovarian cancer
Ovarian cancer is the 5th most common cancer in women in the UK, it is more common than cancer of the cervix. Approximately 7, 000 women are diagnosed with the disease every year.

Bowel Screening
Bowel cancer if detected early has a good chance of being cured. In the UK there is a national screening programme to look for early signs of cancer if you are between the ages of 60-74 years old. However if you have any concerns and would like a test before then, please do give us a call.

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